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REZONANS (Poland 2017) 

Length: 6 min 31

Genre: Dance film

Cast: Ewa Wolf, Paweł Konior

Director & Screenwriter: María Mayoral Moreno

Producer: María Mayoral Moreno

DoP: Paweł Fejkisz

Editor: María Mayoral Moreno

Original music: Marcin Szendoł


"Rezonans" narrates, through the language of contact dance, the unique melody that results from the meeting of two lovers facing the pain of expectations. 

Festivals and screenings

Contact Dance International Film Festival (Canada 2021)

Seyr Festival (Iran 2019)

Cuadro por Danza (Venezuela 2018)

On Art Film Festival (Poland 2018)

Agite y Sirva (Mexico  2018)

"Inside/Outside" - Exhibition from "Beyond Time" Art Residency (Poland 2017)









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