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APRILTAGE  (Mexico/Germany 2015) 

Length: 12 min 45

Genre: Drama

Cast: Stefan Rutz, Patricia Thill

Language: German

Director & Screenwriter: María Mayoral Moreno

Producer: María Mayoral and María Cristina Moreno

DoP: Pius Neumaier

Editor: María Mayoral Moreno

Original music: Izumi Chikamatsu

During the always changing April days, Manfred, a 70 year-old man, receives hidden messages in his dreams while struggling to face the loss of his beloved wife, Elena.

Festivals & Screenings

MMM Cinema night -Herbaciarnia Assam, Bielsko-Biala (Poland 2017)

Kino Rot HFF München (Germany 2016)

Teatro Centro Cultural Veracruzano (Mexico 2016)

Mérida Fest 2016 (Mexico 2015)

Libre Cinema Film Festival (Mexico 2015)









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