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(Mexico 2021)


"Malas compañías" is a dance film that portrays a relationship in which the dynamics of love,

desire and power are not only interchangeable, but also unsustainable.

Festivals and screenings: Dance Camera Istanbul (Turkey 2022), IMARP - Mostra Internacional de dança (Brazil 2021),





(Mexico 2019)


Surreal dance film about obsession and dealing with past memories of a lost love. 

Festivals and screenings: ScreenDance Festival (Sweden 2021), International Dancefilm Festival Brussels (Belgium 2020), Festival Cuerpo Digital (Bolivia 2019)





(Mexico 2019)

Coming-of-age short dance film about the different kinds of relationships you will have in your youth.  

Festivals and screenings: Coming soon*





(Poland 2017)


Dance film about the unique melody that results from the encounter of the two lovers.

Festivals and screenings: Contact Dance International Film Festival (Canada 2021), Seyr Festival (Iran 2019), Cuadro por Danza (Venezuela 2018), On Art Film Festival (Poland 2018), Agite y Sirva (Mexico 2018), "Inside/Outside" - Exhibition from "Beyond Time" Art Residency (Poland 2017).





(Mexico/Belgium/Poland 2017)


Experimental dance short film about the process of falling in love and idealisation. 


Festivals & Screenings: Cuadro por Danza (Venezuela 2018), Short film contest from Autocinema Coyote (Mexico 2018), MMM Cinema night (Herbaciarnia Assam, Bielsko-Biala (Poland 2017), "Inside/Outside" - Exhibition from "Beyond Time" Art Residency (Poland 2017).





(Mexico 2014)


Dance short film about co-dependence, manipulation, confidence and finding true love.

Festivals & Screenings: MMM Cinema night - Herbaciarnia Assam, Bielsko-Biala (Poland 2017),Balettakademien Stockholm 2016, ScreenDance Film Festival Stockholm 2016, Autocinema Coyote 2016, Festival de Cine Universitario del Tecnológico de Monterrey 2014, “El Cine que Viene”  2014.


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